My best friend and I have been cooking together for quite some time.

We are two peas in a pod ~ especially in the kitchen.

We make messes. We laugh. We sometimes cry. We make mistakes. And, we make masterpieces.

I’m so proud of Valerie and I’m so very proud to have her as my friend.

She is truly amazing.

Thus, I am dedicating a week of recipes to HER and HER CREATIVITY at My Kitchen Coop.
She’s a chicken mama, a phenomenal gardener, a master in the kitchen, the kindest soul on earth, an amazingly smart cookie, a beautiful woman, and my best friend.

Follow her…

…and savor in her kitchen craft.

Fried Chocolate Ravioli

I made chocolate ravioli a while back. I stufffed them with some of the jellies and preserves I had canned in the fall. They were a disaster. HA! It’s not that they didn’t taste good. The chocolate pasta was exquisite! The fillings were delectable! I just couldn’t figure out how to keep it all together.

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