The last year has been a challenge.  As I investigated the synonyms for the word ‘challenge,’ in order to provide a more descriptive illustration of my intended conveyance, the results were less than appropriate.  I will just reiterate the fact that we have been filled with challenge – financial, relational, health, mental, spiritual, emotional, situational, etc.  ALL OF THE ABOVE – and it’s been difficult.  I listed financial as the first challenge, as it seems that tends to be the most tangible contest on a daily basis.  That said, I’ve become rather savvy in terms of seeking out the most economical route in many situations.

Food, though, will always trump other items in our household when it comes to budget.  Rather, good food.  Good food = good feelings – body, mind and spirit.  (On a side note, we nourish ourselves on things other than good food, and those things need to be good too).  Needless to say, our food budget is large, but shrinking with a little (sometimes a lot) of extra work.  We’ve been buying ghee for years.  Clarified butter – meaning, all of the milk solids are removed and what remains is simply the butter fat.  Ghee is used widely in Indian cooking and Ayurvedic medicine.  In fact, the Ayurvedic tradition actually uses a ghee cleanse to stimulate immunity and health. Ay-yi-yi.  Imagine consuming NOTHING but ghee for a few days straight. Phew – cleansing – squeaky clean as a whistle!

I digress.  Ghee can be expensive.  Traditionally we’ve purchased pastured ghee, and now with my new pastured and grass-fed obsession, this is even more important.  Last week pastured, organic butter was on sale….which meant it was time to set aside the time to make some pastured, organic ghee of our own!

The process is very easy.  Simple.  In fact, it’s even easier than making Kim-chee!!  Those of you who follow my blog may or may not understand that cheeky comment – but I’ve provided a link to my Kim-chee post here, in case you are interested.



A pound of good butter.  Melt.  Allow the milk solids to rise to the top.  Pour through cheese cloth to strain.  Ta da!  16oz. homemade pastured, organic ghee for half the price we would normally pay!


By the way, I still TOTALLY want this shirt from GrassFed GirlI seem to be rather obsessed.  AND, I’m secretly hoping a certain someone (who just so happens to be sitting at the computer next to me at this very moment that I’m composing this) will read my words and, thus, read my heart’s desire 🙂  Ghee-wiz – can’t all men read our minds!!!!???!!!


3 thoughts on “Ghee-Wiz

  1. Making your own ghee is the way to go. I’ve been making my own for a long time now and it saves a good chunk of money over time. The tiny jars at the store are quite pricey! My butter of choice to make ghee is Kerrygold unsalted. As you probably know, Kerrygold is also pasture-raised and is actually more affordable than Organic Valley’s pasture butter.

    1. Kerrygold does taste amazing. I grew up with this “Irish” butter. Organic Valley is great too – pricey, but this time it just happened to be on sale. Home-made is always the way to go! And, what could be more fun than an evening of straining milk solids through cheese cloth? 🙂

      1. I hear ya there! My life is exciting like that too 😉 I look forward to our coffee/tea date tomorrow, by the way. Does 3 p.m. at Ristretto Roasters still work for you?

        Also, your title of this post is very clever. I love it!

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