I constantly write about Craving4More – touching on the idea that we are all craving for more in our lives…

We crave love, attention, touch, satisfaction, and fulfillment.  Generally, we seek these cravings from one of four aspects, or areas of our lives:

  1. Psychology – how we think
  2. Hormones – how we chemically respond
  3. Immunity – how we react in terms of stress and inflammation
  4. Spirituality – how our relationships grows with Life

In my own observation, I see that we so often use food, exercise, or some other “thing” as a substitute to fill the void of what we truly crave deep down inside that is not yet met, or even realized.
Realization, yes, is the key.  Perhaps the reason why we struggle to fulfill with the appropriate means is that we simply do not yet know what we truly crave – or what will fulfill us.


Listening to that voice inside.

Yet, once we discover what it is that we truly need, the answer becomes shifting from a perspective and stance of craving, to gifting.  We must gift ourselves more.


An amazing friend of mine once grabbed me by the shoulder, looked straight into my eyes, and said, “Enough of this craving, Ashley, you owe it to yourself to give yourself more.”

I give myself the gift of more.

It's never too late

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