After a plethora of commentary and feedback from Stand on Your Hands, I began thinking in great detail about what exactly was most appealing to me about the idea of playful inversion and why I was originally inspired to share such a notion.
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I began to remember fondly and conjure up some of the best memories of childhood, to include tumbling down the hallway and into the living room (handstands and cartwheels included), back walkovers onto the couch as a way to spend endless afternoon hours, and tap dancing over the kitchen floor.  (All of these activities drove my mother nuts, I’m sure – but none so much as the tap shoes on the marvelous marble floor.
“F-a-lap ball change,
f-a-lap ball change, buffalo step, buffalo step,
f-a-lap ball change.” 
I absolutely LOVED tap dancing.  Gregory Hines, in just a small way, will always be a bit of a hero to me.​

​Childhood is filled with such carefree abandon and boundless, playful tumbling.  We were all so happy then.  No inhibition.


We could sing our hearts out in front of a crowd, diving head first without a thought of judgment or fear.
We could raise our hands high and dance like crazy as if no one was watching.
We were our own.  We were purely His.
Nothing else mattered.
Why not live that way now?
Radically accept ourselves in every moment and in every way.
Throw our hands up in the air, click up our heels in a happy dance, and, of course, throw our bodies into a full on hand stand.
Let’s do it!

3 thoughts on “Hands Up, Let’s Do It!

  1. I was a tap dancin’ kid too! We used to put a big wood board down and practice on it, as we knew the wood floors were off limits. I remember spending many days practicing handstands, headstands, back bends and trying to do flips too. I always recall putting a pillow down on the floor first (on carpet, mind you) before doing a headstand. Apparently, I didn’t realize I was making it harder by doing so. Now, I know 🙂

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