Yum!  Rich, delicious, and so tasty!
It’s homemade yogurt ~ and it’s with rich, and creamy, and oh so delicious half and half… Oh my ~


I’m rather pleased with the way this yogurt turned out the second time around, especially considering that my first attempt was a complete and utter failure.  Well, it was rather an experimentation of sorts, and less of an attempt.  I’ve made fermented things in the past, and did have a yogurt maker at one point in time.  Concocting fermented or “probiotic” coconut water, I simply used the high quality probiotic supplements that were living in my fridge – and allowed the water and bateria to do their magic on the counter top. After being inspired by my ultra-talented friend Alisa, from PaleoinPDX, I wondered if this same type of thing might work for yogurt.  The answer was and is definitely, “no.”

In my second, very successful attempt, I purchased yogurt starter, followed the heating instructions for the pastured half and half (bring to 180 degrees), cooled to 118 and stirred in the yogurt starter, and THEN let the magic happen.  Because I no longer have a yogurt maker, I housed the half and half mixture in a glass mason jar, and kept it warm to incubate for 24 hours sitting in water inside my slow cooker on the “keep warm” setting.


It worked beautifully.

Rich, delicious, and glowing!


Thanks for the inspiration, Alisa – and the motivation to keep trying!

2 thoughts on “Homemade Half n’ Half Yogurt

  1. Yes, I’m so happy to hear it worked this time around! Isn’t it one of the most decadent things you’ve ever tasted? It’s probably one of my top three favorite indulgences.

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