Remember how I don’t like to use the term “failure?”

Thus, rather than a kitchen “fail” (ahem, this would be a perfect candidate for a Pinterest Fail or a Pintrosity post), I am carefully choosing the term disaster.

The concept was simple, kicky, and cute.

A honey cake, baked in a series of decorative mini bundt pans, sprinkled with fresh blackberries.

It sounds delicious, right?

Honey Bumble Blackberry Bundt Cake-004

Well, I believe the problem here was twofold. Actually threefold, when it comes right down to it.

  • First, too much moisture. I wanted something super buttery with a hint of honey. Too much of both happened.
  • Second, too full. As you can see, I overfilled those baby bundts and the result was not pretty. With the globs and glumbs spilling out everywhere inside my already dirty oven (gasp, Ashley Sara IS human), the subtlety sweet cake baking aroma quickly turned to a badly burnt, over cooked struggle for air, as the white walls of the house flooded with smoke, fire alarms blared, and fans blasted. I’m sure you can picture this.
  • Third, I struggled to maneuver all of this with a terribly sliced finger from only the day before. Bandages simply do not hold up in piles and puddles of water, burning ovens, bundt bombs, and cake explosions. Basically, I felt helpless.

And finally, not a precursor to the kitchen catastrophe of any kind, but just one more factor to add to the definition of the day: I absolutely hate, despise, detest, and downright panic over even the thought of wasted food.

And this cake, my friends, was just that: strictly a waste.

I did manage to salvage a bit, turning it into a super sweet “bread pudding” of sorts.

Perhaps, after all of this, I should rename the disaster to Humble Honey Bumble Blackberry Bundt Cake.


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