London Broil or New York Strip – have your pick.

The trick is rapid, high heat.  I chose the broiler.  Only 2.5 minutes per side.  Wow!  This happened quickly.  As I stood in front of the oven, watching my precious steaks, the high heat and flame struck a chord.  This was going to be amazing.  That was the figurative chord.  The literal chord was the smoke alarm in our tiny little space!

Marc conquered that crisis, while I kept a handle on the precious flesh on the brink of our consumption.



Only a few tricks to consider.

1.  Grass-fed, grass-finished
The taste, texture, quality of grass-fed meat is far superior.  The Omega-3 profile of the meat is much higher, and the humane practices of step-rated beef is most definitely reflected in the flavor.  These cows were happy.

2.  Marinade
The longer the better – to an extent.  The high acid content of the marinade will work to break down the meat, tenderizing is just so.  I chose an overnight marinade, in a freezer bag.  I like to massage the marinade into the meat through the bag each time I open the fridge.

3.  Hot and Fast
There it is.  The high heat of the broiler does the job and it does it quickly!  Only 2-3 minutes MAX on each side.

Hot and Fast, Your-Way Steak

8 oz. London Broil or NY Strip (have it your way)
Balsamic vinegar
Fresh ground black pepper
Fresh rosemary, minced
Extra virgin olive oil
A little bit of LOVE

I tend not to measure.  That’s just who I am.  It can lead to trouble when attempting to replicate a delicious recipe.  It can also lead to a lot of fun!  Just make sure you cover the steaks in enough marinade to allow the flavor to infuse all areas over night in the fridge.  I believe I used almost equal parts oil and tamari, quite a bit of rosemary and a tiny bit of oil.  The oil could even be optional.  The LOVE is required, though!

IMG_3411 IMG_3414

6 thoughts on “Hot and Fast

  1. Yum, I will be trying this! I have yet to cook London broil or NY strip myself because I’ve been nervous about screwing it up or the meat being too tough, since they’re both thicker cuts. I actually don’t know if I’ve eaten London broil before, but NY strip, yes. I can’t do tamari, but may be able to try coconut aminos by now (technically it’s an ‘illegal’ food, though I’m not certain why, but I may be okay with a little since I’m far enough in my healing). Thanks so much for making and sharing this recipe!

    1. The key to tenderizing the meat is the acid in the marinade. The fat in the NY strip will also make that cut more tender than the London Broil. Can you not use wheat-free tamari? Coconut aminos would be okay too – just a bit too sweet for my palate. You just want to find something to pair with the sweet acid of the balsamic and to provide you with the savory, salty, umame of the tamari. EXPERIMENTATION. You cannot screw it up 🙂

      Ashley Kipp

      1. I can’t do tamari because it’s still a soy product. Like I said, I can try coconut aminos, but may just use a tiny amount to see how I do with it. I’d swap out the balsamic for a different vinegar too — maybe apple cider. Balsamic has too high of a sugar content and I’m supposed to avoid it. You’re right though, experimentation is key 😉

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