Coconut Flour Fail-009

I’ve sooooo been wanting to try my hand at grain-free coconut flour noodles.
It’s been months that I’ve been cogitating and contemplating my plan of action.
Actually, it’s been since the beautiful display of laminated Parsley Pasta Perfection inspired and co-created with my dear friend’s garden greens.

So with this gumption, we made a plan of attack ~ well, sort of…

As a side note, I’m often approached with the comments, “wow, you must eat like kings every night,” “your meals are always so beautiful,” or “you are so spoiled, you always eat like this?”

Guess what… NOPE…
You see this glitz and glamour in the blog ~ not the frisky failures, yes, failures, or the mundane meal repeats just like everyone else in the world. We are real people at our house. I am REAL. Oh, and on that note – stay tuned for a guest post highlighting the reality of the life of this food blogger. The photos are pretty, the plates are exquisite. Yes, it’s all true. But, what you don’t see after the fact is that by the time the food is photographed – it’s cold. It is then “shoveled” into a pile in a bowl and then reheated for our consumption. Yes, the taste is tremendous – but the presentation is certainly not fit for kings.

We take what we can get.

In any case, failure can be so fun.

We laughed and we giggled.

It was a ball.

I was convinced, though, that I could do this without a hitch. I can do anything right?

I actually still believe I can and be sure to stay tuned for a second attempt – actually it will not just be an attempt. I KNOW in my heart of hearts Valerie and I will succeed this next go around.

For now ~ this is

How Not to Make Coconut Flour Noodles

1. We first tried with 1/4 cup coconut flour and 1 egg.
It was far too dry.

2. We added another egg.
This time it was far too wet.

3. We dusted with a bit of extra coconut flour and tried to emulsify.
This pile of dough simply would not have it.

4. We persisted anyway, rolling out the noodles and cutting by hand.
The plan was to delicately place the threads in gently boiling salted water.

Coconut Flour Fail-012

5. The noodles went into the water.

6. The noodles become coconut-egg mush.

7. Failure.

On the most positive note – other than the fact that we laughed until our cheeks hurt – – the coconut flour swimming in the pot smelled absolutely divine.

Until next time…

**UPDATE: I discovered a way! Check out the secret here

3 thoughts on “How Not to Make Coconut Flour Noodles

  1. Good on you, Dear Ashley —

    We all learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. I’ll bet you learned so much with this attempt. I look forward to round 2.

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