Money isn’t everything.

In fact, money is merely commonplace.  Money is nothing.


Now we must all try and keep very calm.
First thing that we have to decide is this: Who is going with Charlie to the factory?
I will. I’ll take him. You leave it to me.
How about you, dear? Don’t you think you ought to go?
Well, Grandpa Joe seems to know more about it than we do, and…
Provided, of course, he feels well enough.
No. We’re not going.
A woman offered me $500 for the ticket.
I bet someone else would pay more.
We need the money more than we need the chocolate.
Young man, come here.
There’s plenty of money out there.
They print more every day.
But this ticket…
…there’s only five of them in the whole world…
…and that’s all there’s ever going to be.

Only a dummy would give this up for something as common as money.

Are you a dummy?

There is so much more to life ~ I am blessed, I am rich, I am full of life.

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