This fantastic story out of the great European continent has been swarming around the interwebs for weeks on end.  I’ve watched and listened over and over again, full of thoughts and feelings.

The concept and the philosophy is both inspiring and situationally deflating all at once.

Reducing unwanted food waste.

Wasting food hits a nerve deep inside me ~ resonates through my core – worries me – scares me – saddens me.
I’ve mentioned before, I have a very deep and interesting relationship with food.  Vast and intimate.


Yet, besides the issue of food waste and the existential dichotomy of encouraging society to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables while simultaneously wasting the precious items, deemed “rubbish” which appear less than perfect to the observing eye, there exists something more here…

This is an utterly OUTSTANDING idea, by the way –

The psychology behind it all.


Special aisles, unique labeling, fancy schmancy packaging, appealing product names, etc.
The human brain is truly amazing and so highly and easily influenced.
Mind games.


And what success!

These items became and “are” no longer just rubbish, they are: inglorious fruits and vegetables – but also the next best thing!

Failed Lemon

Behind the genius marketing of it all, I though, heard the words: “grotesque, disfigured, hideous, failed, ugly, unfortunate…”

It began to feel a little more personal.

How many of us are disregarded or disregard others for a “less than” appearance?

Not tall enough, too tall? Not skinny enough, too skinny? Not muscular enough, too muscular?

We are either labeled as not enough or too much.

I struggle with both labels on a daily basis in my own life.

Why can’t we simply be…?

Perfectly imperfect.

…or better yet, molded, created, and formed in the exact Image of perfection.


Let’s think of it this way: we are exactly as we are supposed to be at this exact moment in time.

Thick or thin, solid or broken.

We are who we are and that is precisely the point.


We are both inglorious and glorious all at once.

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