Almost three years into eschewing legumes and grain from my diet, I don’t miss them a bit.


Well… I suppose there are still a few items in the grain and bread category of which I longingly dream on rare occasions (and sometimes chickpeas too).

For a while, I was satisfying my “need” for bread with delicious raw food delicacies. These raw breads were truly amazing. However, an amalgamation of sprouted and dehydrated nuts, seeds, and veggies, molded and mashed into a thick dehydrated cracker – moistened a bit to become a bread or pizza crust – can taste rather amazing, but they really aren’t the same thing as a rustic baguette or a crispy, flaky pizza crust. Nor do dehydrated onions and sunflower seeds accompany well the desire to slather a slab of hearty toast with melted almond butter and raspberry preserves… (Remember, I really DON’T miss this deliciousness, warm out of the oven).
Raw foods are a different beast – something wonderful in an of themselves, but not really comparable to a rustic loaf right out of the oven. And, they simply are neither cost effective nor time efficient. It’s either $12 for a slice or two or $8 and 32 hours later, homemade.

I don’t have the time, the money, or the patience for that $*%!.

Thus, how exciting is it that I was blessed with the opportunity to sample and savor a few products from Jackalope Good Food Company.

“No Gluten. No Grains. No Sugar. and ‘Starch Belly’ Free.”

This stuff sounded way too good to be true.

We all know that “paleo” bread can often be way too dry, too dense, and simply a far cry from the “bread” we so favor and remember.

Well, Jackalope has hit the nail on the head, I must say, departing from any of the above stereotypes.

With their selection of baking mixes, we now have the opportunity to enjoy our beloved breads so savored and favored on many occasions.

Honestly, I was most excited about the “Rustic Bread” Baking Mix sent my way. Could something grain free really resemble the amazingness of a true rustic loaf fresh out of the oven…steaming and doused with homemade bruschetta and buttery olive oil?

Well, the answer is “yes.”

Rustic Jackalope-004

I was shocked and truly impressed. Perhaps a little under baked in the oven, but magical nonetheless. I have absolutely no idea on earth how Jackalope accomplished the crusty, airy goodness in this rustic loaf. Perhaps the addition of cider vinegar and egg whites? I’m not sure… or my girlfriend’s mad baking skills, as she helped me in her professional oven along the way? Again, I don’t know for certain.

I do know, however, that mixing up the dough and baking to perfection (with a little extra dusting of coconut flour for effect) created an item that truly made me swoon and fall back into memories of wining and dining in Europe.

Rustic bread for sure.

Soft, airy, and crusty and crunchy all at once. The flavor was subtle and pleasant – ready for a bit of butter, a slathering of garlicky bruschetta, or even just some blackberry preserves.



And, quite magical.

As the next sample involved the potential for sweet, I was a bit nervous. However, I do adore cinnamon in almost anything, so I was excited to give it a try.

Rather than follow the directions to a T – this time I opted for a little fancy – schmancy swing on things and mixed my batter into a bundt cake form.

Delightful and beautiful, I must say.

I was quite impressed with how porous the loaf became in the baking process. Again, I was expecting density beyond belief. Perhaps, again, the cider vinegar and egg white addition, or even the psyllium husks in the mix itself that made the day, but this was quite wonderful. AND, the very best part for me, is that it was not too sweet!

I’m a savory gal, enjoying the addition of a hint of sweet on occasion. The Cinnamon Roll Baking Mix provided me with just enough cinnamon sweet to make me smile, and plenty of texture and warmth to turn that smile into a full blown and quite satisfied grin.

Cinnamon Roll Jackaloupe-004

Just to top it all off, I decided to glaze my loaf with a bit of almond-date cream puree and extra cinnamon.

It was truly amazing.

Paleo, grain free, gluten free diet, or not ~ your belly, taste buds, and entire disposition will thank you in more ways than one for Jackalope’s innovation.

Well done!

Keep it coming. We can’t wait to try more and more and more.

Thank you.

Good Food, indeed.

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