No, not beer.  It’s hard to believe that I live in the micro-brew capital of the world, and I’m not a beer drinker.  Beervana is actually one of the many official nicknames for Portland The spirited linguist in me must also share the fact that the word “beervana” is a portmanteau of “beer” and “nirvana.”  Impressive, I know.  Words, words, words.

Kombucha home-brew!!  As I’m often seen walking, sitting, standing, you name it, with my GT’s Synergy in hand, at least three times a week (not exaggerating) someone will tell me, “you know, you should really make your own at home.  It would save you so much money.”  I know, I know, I know.  Ironically, after about a 45 minute home-brew Kombucha discussion the other day, Diane from Balanced Bites sent a wonderful tutorial on how to carryout the process Great!  I’m totally on-board – but…it’s still kind of like the kim-chee for me.  I really just don’t want to go through all that effort.  It’s very simple.  It’s easy.  It is also time, and I deeply value my time.  The way I consciously use my time and direct it is one of the ways I work to nourish and fulfill myself.  And, GT’s Triology is just so darn delicious!

Kombucha Collage

AND…now I’m hooked on KeVita!  “A sparkling probiotic drink.”  It’s sort of like coconut water kombucha – but super charged and better.  So now I’m torn…I think I’ll just go drink a KeVita to sort things though…
KeVita Collage


**Oh, by the way, I’m a sucker for the “daily cleanse” flavor.  I love the extra zing from the cayenne pepper!

I’m curious – any brave home-brewers out there that are energy and time efficient enough to tackle “the mother”?  Has anyone tried concocting their own probiotic coconut water a.k.a. KeVita at home?  I want to hear your stories!  Maybe, just maybe, you’ll inspire me.




5 thoughts on “K…What?

  1. Used to brew kombucha, was quite easy, but my batches all tasted different and not close enough to carbonated brands in the stores, so this process engineer buys kombucha at the store now!

  2. I used to make my own too with my sister and her former boyfriend (Jesse’s brother). It’s really easy, especially with a team, but the scoby gets out of control and multiplies like crazy! It’s a process you have to keep up with and have room for.

    1. Yah! The multiplying “mother” or scoby really scares me…you know me, the control freak! Great to see you today 🙂

  3. This is so you — have you set up your brew room yet? Ha! Tina

    1. Ha ha! The multiplying mother scares me!! Just last night I had the opportunity to taste “drinking vinegar.” It was phenomenal! Genki-Su is the company. They are local here in Portland – and the owner is so sweet. You can check it out at

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