Yes, I’m still eating kale – but cutting back as of late.  I’m feeling the need to eat more seasonally.  I’m finding myself more in the mood for homegrown tomatoes, crispy green beans, and the ever present zucchini of summer.

After devouring my plate of fresh produce from the farm stand last night, I came across a dare.  It was more of a challenge, I suppose, considering my self-evidenced status as the encyclopedia of vegetables:  “Six Things You Don’t Know About Kale.”  Really?  I know EVERYTHING about the superfood – my favorite leafy green; my most favorite veggie on earth.  The question is, do you?

1.  Cup for cup, kale has more vitamin C than an orange.  (So do strawberries, by the way).


2.  It’s…kind of fatty (in a good way).  It’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids.


3.  It’s the “queen” of vitamin A.


4.  In a direct comparison, it has more calcium than milk (gram for gram).


5.  It is more likely to be ‘dirty.’  Be sure to buy organic.


6.  It’s better with a friend.  Many of kale’s offerings are only bioavailable in the presence of fat!  Other than avocados, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds, I suppose this could be yet another excuse to consume bacon, right?

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