Did you know there is a Finish word for drinking at home in your underwear? Indeed, Finland’s Tourism Board put together a dictionary (complete with accompanying emojis you can download) of “hard-to-describe Finnish emotions, words, and customs.” Included in the list of 56 phrases is kalsarikännit (pronounced cal-sar-y-cuhn-eet). It describes the “feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear — with no intention of going out. A drink. At home. In your underwear. And there is a word for it.”

Need I say anything more?

Tonight calls for a kalsarikännit. I literally cannot wear pants a minute longer. I have only the physical strength to hold a [cocktail]. You can find me on my couch. Bye.” Thank you Finland for legitimizing this awesome, totally relaxing custom. – Kalsarikännit

Thank you, honey bear, Brian, for bringing this to my attention.

We will both be sitting at home tonight, sipping on our version.


2 dried figs, diced
1 lemon, quartered
4 oz. apple cider
4 oz. Finlandia Finnish vodka
1 large sprig fresh rosemary
ice cubes

In a large jar, muddle together the figs, lemon, apple cider, and fresh rosemary. Add the vodka and ice. Allow to sit and chill until very cold. Stir and strain to serve, garnished with lemon zest, fresh rosemary, and additional figs.

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