I have always felt that I have a particularly keen memory.  I’m sharp!

I’m like an elephant.

I remember everything.

I use images for my memory association.  I’m not sure where I learned to do this ~ but as long as I can remember (using visualizations, of course), I’ve done this.

This has been a highly effective mechanism for me over the years.  I most often associate my memories with color and with what I was wearing in the moment – don’t laugh – it works!  In situations where I am not present, however, my images are singular blocks, stacked together.

In a recent conversation with an extremely fine young man, I learned that my method is not nearly as efficient and effective as I may have thought.  In my discourse, I was left astounded.  His methodology ~ his memory mind ~ his conveyance…BRILLIANT!

He taught me not to create separate images in my head, but to create one, unified image of all elements for the memory.  Rather than working to remember 5 different mental pictures of a highway, a tree, a mirror, Saturn, and an electron…he painted the image of a tree on the side of a highway, hosting a mirror to reflect the planet Saturn with an electron floating around in its rings.  This lesson occurred almost 3 weeks ago – and I am confident I will never forget this image he created for me, nor will I forget the 5 different elements.


He taught me to create a Memory Palace.

He’s amazing!


What a gift ~ I will “remember” the gift of this conversation forever and ever.

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  1. Great talk, I have always struggled with names, maybe this will help. Who ever came up with the idea of Ted Talks really had a great one.

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