I brought home this film really having no idea of the plot line, actually believing that the film was more about the cinematography than anything else.  I had heard that the music and scenery were spectacular, so I was anticipating some visual appeal, but also expected to lose interest rather quickly.  (The film DID win 4 Academy Awards).  I have that tendency with both TV and movies at home.  I’m akin to a little hummingbird, flittering about, with so much on my mind, I simply cannot sit still and focus my attention on the TV screen, no matter how much I feel the need to relax and chill.  (The dark, cool, captivating feeling of a movie theater, on the other hand, is a different story, usually).

Ang Lee, directed Life of Pi.  Definitely a fan of his work, I opted to give this one a try.  If anything, some beautiful visual stimulation and relaxing music would be worthwhile for an evening.

Wow – my expectations were surpassed almost immediately.  This is a truly amazing film.
With Marc by my side, I believe he enjoyed the film as well, but sat in shock, observing my eyes and ears glued to the screen for two solid hours.

The words, the dialogue, and the depth of meaning behind this film are astounding – and, yes, both the music, cinematography (CG effects) are most impressive.

Following my cinematic experience at home on the couch, I went to bed wearing a grin on my face and a smile on my heart ~


Invest in the time and in the blessing of this story.

A few of my favorite and most touching lines of dialogue from the film:

Writer: I didn’t know Hindus said “Amen.”
Pi Patel: Catholic Hindus do.
Writer: Catholic Hindus?
Pi Patel: We get to feel guilty before hundreds of gods, instead of just one.
The Catholic (or perhaps the incredible guilt complex) really chuckled at this one…

Santosh Patel: You only need to convert to three more religions, Piscine, and you will spend your life on holiday.
I not only smile at the sense of humor in this line, but trill inside at the beauty of the name Piscine – elegant swimming pool in French.

Pi Patel: Doubt is useful, it keeps faith a living thing. After all, you cannot know the strength of your faith until it has been tested.
Convictingly insightful…


Even when God seemed to have abandoned me, He was watching. Even when He seemed indifferent to my suffering, He was watching. And when I was beyond all hope of saving, He gave me rest, then gave me a sign to continue my journey.

Above all, don’t lose hope.


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