Not one single person on earth is immune to the “life” that we are presented.  Many, many wonderful blessings surround us each and every day, yet, we still may be utterly humbled by the aspects of this life that appear to be darker and heavier than the things that make us smile.  I suppose this dichotomy of merriment and woe is life, in and of itself.


An abundant conglomerate of emotion and events as of late seem to perpetuate my being and draw me toward what really is important in my “life.”

I had the opportunity to discover My French Haven – a delightful blog about one man’s journey through life and a compilation of many of the things he treasures most.  After a treacherous health encounter,  Stéphane Gabart,  “came out of the ordeal with a new take on life, convinced of the following”:

  1. We REALLY can die at any time. I know what a huge cliché this is, but I have seen the tunnel and the light and everything (I haven’t really seen the light but I’m sure it was there somewhere…)
  2. Family is everything. EVERYTHING!
  3. Not one minute of our life should ever be wasted on things or people we don’t truly appreciate.
  4. We must feed our minds and spirit with the things that we love the most. Mine are food (mostly eating it), hospitality and design (architecture and interior design).
  5. Whoever we are, we were born to shine.
  6. Making people feel important and strong through genuine care and personal attention helps you get closer to them and them closer to you. That is how you create a meaningful life and legacy.

Thank you, Stéphane.


I work hard each and every day to focus on and appreciate what truly is meaningful and worthwhile in my life and how I can shine that Light of Life into the lives of others.

What makes your life worth living?

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