Being that I’ve never really been a fan of bacon or mayonnaise, for that matter, fond memories of BLT sandwiches growing up really do not exist.  I certainly adored the sweet taste of home-grown tomatoes, fresh avocado, and coarse grain salt, all piled high between two thick slices of perfectly toasted whole grain bread.  Now that brings back great memories…

I’m still in the midst of trying so hard to acquire a taste for bacon.  As hard as it is to admit…I think it’s happening!
Fortunately, I saved some of my sugar-free pastured bacon I found before leaving Portland – it traveled with me in the cooler for the drive – to fry up and incense the aroma of pork belly throughout the house for the entire family, now that we’re back in Colorado.


I’m not sure where I originally saw the idea of “sandwiching” the fixings in between two halves of a sliced chicken breast, but I decided this would be perfect for my “More Than Just a BLT” sammy.

It sure was yummy.


Now, I’m on the hunt to find some sugar-free bacon available here – GAME ON!


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