Oprah has her list of her Favorite Things.  This year, in 2013, she touted the list to be “the ultimate, ultimate list of Favorite Things.”  From cakes to tea, to organic cotton P.J.s and totes, Oprah’s list is materialistically over the top.

I, on the other hand, feel as though some of my favorite things simply cannot be bought.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have a closet full of Frye and a SubZero on my 2014 Christmas List, but I still find so much pleasure in the dearest aspects of Life.

Some of My Favorite Things

1.  Movies – at the theater.  The darkness encapsulates my mind, captivates my soul, and entrances me in a world of laughter, tears, and emotion, if not for a few hours.

2.  Steaming Hot Baths.  No matter what time of year, a piping soak in the tub does wonders for the body, mind, and soul.

3.  Hugs.  Genuine, real, authentic, and true embracing fills my heart with joy.

4.  Amazing Kitchen and Cookware.  I’m not kidding here: A rainbow of Le Creuset, All Clad, La Cornue, La Canche, and Wolf.  You got it, baby!


5.  Coconut Butter.  It tastes, it smells, it feels…oh boy… (I shall abstain from any x-rated musings at this point).


6.  J. Brand Jeans.  Thank you, Princess Kate, for introducing me to this guilty pleasure.  There ain’t nothing like my 811s.

7.  Heavy Down Comforters.  The weight of a sturdy comforter atop me while I slumber, cozy in bed amid a crisp and chilly room.  Oh, there’s nothing like a great night’s slumber.

8.  To Be Held.  Held, stroked, and comforted.  There’s really nothing else to say ~

9.  Nourishing Conversation.  Dialogue, discourse, communication.  My heart swells at the thought of such deep connection and interaction.

10.  Amazing.  Amazing experiences, shared with amazing people, to create an amazing life.  My favorite thing.

11.  Smiles.  In the words of Buddy the Elf, “I like Smiling.  It’s my favorite.”


12.  Invigorating Activity.  I like to move my body.  Walking, hiking, dancing, moving.  It’s marvelous.

13.  Butt Warmers.  Yes, baby, it’s cold outside!  I must say, I miss my precious seat warmers.  My next vehicle, without this necessary invention, it’s a deal breaker.

14.  Velvety, Furry, Soft, and Cozy “Things.”  P.J.s, hats, scarves, sweaters, teddys, and blankeys.  Oh, they feel so gooooooood.

15.  Light.  I love the Light.


What are your favorite things?

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