Several months ago I shared my affection for the “Kitchen Sink” meal.  This began as an amalgamation/conglomeration of leftover items of yumminess hanging about the refrigerator shelves, with a desire to be consumed and enjoyed, never wasted.

I am fantastic at using up leftovers ~ most of the time ~
I love the creativity involved and feel as though the meal becomes even more of a work of art when several different items that would typically appeal to varying palates are all combined.  I’d say, this type of meal becomes an artistic and creative challenge.


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I remember hearing a story about two foodies who shared a weekly experience of cooking for each other, based only on what was in the other’s kitchen at that very moment.  Alternating weeks, one traveled to the other’s home for meal preparation and ‘fine dining’ at its best, with no thoughts or ideas prepared, only because the items available would be a sweet surprise.  I suppose the premise is a bit like Iron Chef America.

In any case, the idea is utterly delightful to me.

As is the “Kitchen Sink.”

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It’s so delightful, in fact, that I now PLAN my Kitchen Sink meals.  I look forward to them.  I long for them.  They are no longer a mixture of leftovers ~ I crave them.  I specifically seek out ingredients for them.

In our house, “Kitchen Sink,” or more fondly referred to as “Chicken Stink,” (our lovely play on words) seems to have become a nightly request.

photo 4

I simply love it!

Some of my favorite additions and things I cannot live without:

Brussels Sprouts
Sprouted Spicy Sunflower Seeds
Sprouted Almonds
Kerrygold – and loads of it!
Chicken or Meatballs, take your pick
Kale Chips – OF COURSE!!!!
Castlevetrano Olives – are you kidding me, I cannot live without these things!
Brian’s Blue Cheese – that belongs strictly in his bowl
And maybe, just maybe…a purple potato or two!

photo 3

What’s in your “Chicken Stink?”

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