It’s no secret I’m a fan of real food.

Homemade. Healthy. Unprocessed. Pure. Practical. Salubrious.

I pride myself on making most things from scratch in the kitchen, and enjoy the fruitful bounty of doing so on a regular basis.

However, I’m also somewhat of an “efficiency expert.” (Thank you, Mr. Frank Bunker Gilbreth).

And sometimes – or a lot of the time – I’m on the go during the day. And I simply don’t have time for a smart and proper meal.

I, just like many of the women in this modern world of ours, will occasionally rely on a protein shake on the road –

But, I’m picky.

Really picky.

I don’t like just any protein powder shakes.

And I think I’ve tried them all…
Well, I suppose I’d THOUGHT I’d tried them all until now.

And, NOW I’ve discovered the very best.


CLEAN – because it’s 100% vegetable – no fillers

LEAN – because it’s the low carb option

PROTEIN – because every cell needs it

“premium European golden pea protein”

and it’s absolutely delicious.

Unlike the chalky, horrible tasting powders out there, this 100% plant based powder tastes amazing, contains NO sugar, and is super duper thick and rich and creamy. It’s my kind of deal.

Clean Lean Protein is the world’s best source of vegetable protein. All natural and free from common allergens, it’s 100% vegetable, yet has all the potency (and then some) of other proteins – without the fillers, artificial flavors and other additives.

Sourced from European Golden Peas, Clean Lean Protein has up to 90% protein content, is low in carbohydrates and easy to digest, so you can enjoy it daily. Super-charged with all the essential amino acids your body needs and a pH of 7.8 (alkaline), Clean Lean Protein is the ultimate supplement for those who lead healthy lifestyles and are discerning about what they put in their body.

I’m in love…once again…

I tell you…yes I tell you…

…you really must give nuzest a try.

How about for 15% off????

COUPON CODE: craving4more

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