Photojournalist style photos of the apple tasting event at Monticello.. Please give me overall shots of the event including images of Tom Buford explaining, the audience tasting the apples, their reactions, etc.. Use variety of angles and distances to provide dynamic shots. Please get them in motion and engaged providing images that show color, liveliness, and warmth. Try a bunch of different options.

We also want still life photos of the apples themselves. Be sure to also get detail shots of each of the varieties as well as group shots. I’m hoping there will be apple boxes and/or barrels we can use as the backdrop. Not sure if there are any orchards, but shots of that as well would be great.

Please be sure to bring a notebook so you can caption apple. Ask for help if you can’t identify them. I’m sure either Anne Marie or Lisa should be able to tell you.

Shoot both verticals and horizontal images, although, horizontals work better for online slideshow so be sure to get horizontal versions for most shots.

*Upload about 30 selects to ftp site described below. Images should be JPGS (no tiffs or raw files) no larger than 7MB each, approx. 8 inches wide or high, 300 dpi.

*Be sure to caption all your images as detailed as possible.

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