I had to train myself to begin to like olives – a few years ago.
These days I simply cannot believe it took me so long to cross the line, on to the other side – the Castlevetrano side.

For a time, I believe I went about 126 days in a row of noshing on my favorite, buttery, fruity bulbs.

Thus, paired with some sharp cheese and all the unique glory of Marcona almonds, Valerie’s Olive Almond Tapenade will make your heart sing – just like she does. 🙂 She’s amazing. She really is.

Olive Almond Tapenade

You’re either an olive lover or an olive hater. I love olives. Greek, black, green, stuffed, unstuffed. I love them all. I love the smell of a blossoming olive tree; sweet and fragrant. I eat olives on pizza, sandwiches, tacos, salads, and on crackers. I even eat them just as they are.

Read more and find the recipe here.

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