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Remember when I learned to poach an egg SOOOOO long ago?

It seems like an eternity ago that I had my Perfectly Poached Egg experience and evening lesson in the food mecca of the PNW.

I like steamed eggs, boiled eggs, scrambles eggs, whipped eggs, and ovas of all kinds.  But the poached egg, in its ooey gooey goodness has my heart.  Particularly when the egg is fresh from the farm (thanks, Jodi!!!), with a bright orange yolk and both a taste and texture to die for…

Poached over sautéed greens is so often adored.

Poached and pouring over a fresh summer salad is truly amazing.

Don’t forget the coarsely ground truffle salt.

My oh my…

Poached Egg Salad

Serves 1

2 cup mixed salad greens
1 large bell pepper (any color will do, except green – we want color and a tad bit of sweet), roughly but evenly chopped
1 cup fresh sprouts (I like the bite of radish and kale)
1 cup raw sugar snap peas
1 Tbs. sprouted sunnies (sunflower seeds)
2 Tbs. creamy Avocado Ranch Dressing
2-3 farm fresh eggs, Perfectly Poached

fresh ground pepper and truffle salt

Assemble the salad with the fresh greens and toss with dressing.  Any creamy dressing will do, really.
Top with Perfectly Poached Eggs and truffle salt and pepper.

Make sure to watch the yolk ooze it’s goodness throughout.

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