Welcome to the dawn of a new age.

An era of great taste and good nutrition fueled by the foods of our ancestors. Made with 100% Paleo ingredients, Paleo Eats is designed to help you live by your genetic code.
Evolve back to a better way of living and eating. Experience pure Paleo power with delicious, nutritious Paleo Eats.
These are “primitive” power bars ~ with refined flavor, I believe.
Paleo Eats-005
And they are, indeed, both delicious and nutritious.
With three unique flavors from which to choose, Chai Spice, Coconut-Cacao, and Coffee Bean bars, the eats all display a strikingly similar profile and compilation of ingredient goodness. Mostly coconut, almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, dates, and maple syrup, (all organic, by the way), the components are meant to knock your caveman and cosmopolitan socks off!
Observing the basic recipe, each bar exhibits a wonderfully sweet, but not too sweet, and definitely hearty flavor profile. And, the texture of each of the bars is just perfectly pleasing. Really. They look like they might be too hard – like the typical raw cardboard treats we’ve all experienced from the ‘health-food’ industry – but break your teeth and crack your jaw they are not. They are also not super moist or sticky, like an ooey gooey granola bar (my worst nightmare). They are superior snackolas.
And snackola-size they are.
Advertised as “meals on the go,” I found the bars to be definitely more ‘break’ size rather than full on feast. They are each about 50g, and really about 3 big bites. Hearty bites, for sure, but don’t expect to be held over for the rest of the day – just until the next cromagnon buffet. Yes, filling like a little cookie, but not like a typical serving of sustenance, at least for me. Maybe dipped into a giant bowl of co-yo, garnished with fresh berries, and a side of avocado…now we’re talking meal time.
Flavor wise, Paleo Eats has polished the recipe.
The first component of flavor, by the way, is aroma.
Each bar is enticingly and attractively aromatic, true to the title advertisements. I’m in love with the cinnamon, clove, vanilla, spice bouquet attributed to chai embellishments, which coerced me into trying the Chai Spice bar first. And the spicery assemblage of this bar proved to be just right. Call me Goldilocks, if you will, but I felt as though each element is perfectly balanced in the treat. Not too spicy, not too cinnamony, not too sweet, and not too coconutty. Just right.
The Coconut-Cacao demonstrated the same flawlessness in composition. This time, though, instead of chai spices, chocolate rose to my nose. I also gathered a little bit of honey, with the coconut in this one. But it wasn’t too chocolatey – don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t too coconutty either. Again, balance in every bite (all three bites).
Finally, the Coffee Bean bar passed my lips.
I love this one too!
Great coffee flavor without any diminishing returns.
I sensed lovely hints of both maple and date, which I quite enjoyed, as well as a touch of chocolate and a hint of coconut.
Honestly, for all the bars, I was quite surprised I did not feel overwhelmed by the tropical dominance of the coconut flakes. Listed first on the the ingredient panel, I figured I’d be nuts for cocos – but Goldilocks speaks again – it was all “just right.”
Paleo Eats, thus, are both paleo and good eats for me.
Grain-free, raw, dairy-free, organic, and healthy – no matter what your lifestyle – or what “age” in which you choose to live your life, fill your cave with these delicious treats.

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