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No matter how you slice it, the “sweet treat” situation is a little sticky and not necessarily a piece of cake these days.  (How did you like that for a cinnamon roll of puns?)

Sweet treats are just that – treats – items to be enjoyed every once in awhile, on occasion, and in special circumstances; coconut cream pie, for example.

We should be fueling our bodies and minds with REAL food – food for humans – food that nourishes us, truly, body and soul.  Warming, soothing, chalk full of nutrition and energy.

And when it is time to indulge somewhat, those of us who stick to a certain protocol for eating are constantly seeking out something uber delish, strongly satisfying, and so easily pleasing.

White Buffalo Kitchen does just that.

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Blessed with the opportunity to review this fantabulous line of gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, and refined sugar-free treats, there was a time when I wondered if these little bites would actually be taste-free.  The answer is an astounding NO.
White Buffalo Kitchen has absolutely succeeded in creating a “primal,” “paleo” friendly morsel of goodness ~ in fact, a variety of morsels, for sure!

Equipped with the entire line of both Honey Cookies AND Honey Nut Bars, I reveled in an evening of taste testing. What a treat!

I began with my fellow taste testers, standing around the kitchen island, sampling nibbles of the cookies at first.  My initial attraction to the bites came from the list of ingredients.  Pure in every way.  Almond flour, coconut flour, honey, and a bit more – these babies are squeaky clean!  And, babies they are – bite sized bits.  Being that they are all sweetened with honey (GAPS friendly), the appeal grew.  My sweet palate is rather sensitive – not enjoying anything too overly sweet, but craving nature’s nectar every once in a while too.  Honey can be tricky, with a very distinct flavor, and not always morphing well with other tastes, but I was willing to give it a go.

Cinnamon Raisin
Coconut Shortbread
and, of course
Peanut Butter

We started with the Peanut Butter.  My sensitive taste buds definitely absorbed the peanut buttery goodness of it all, as did one fellow tasters buds.  The remaining three minds, though, surmised that if they didn’t necessarily KNOW the flavor was deemed “Peanut Butter,” that wouldn’t have been their guess.  Are you kidding me?  Well, I suppose the jury is still out on that flavor, other than the fact that overall, it was quite enjoyable.  Very moist, not too chewy, and pleasing on the tongue.

Next up was the Cinnamon Raisin.
“Now, I really like that one,” was the initial response from one particularly involved taster.
These truly were the best!
Just like an oatmeal raisin cookie of goodness ~ homemade goodness like Mom used to make ~ but without the oats.  You could have fooled us all, as these suckers will satisfy my craving for childhood sweetness any day!

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And for the Brownie.
Chocolate is not necessarily my favorite flavor.  Yet, these definitely will do.  With little tiny chunks of walnut, you feel the traditional walnut brownie crunch in every bite (or just two – if you’re like me – “two bite brownies”).  Again, just enough flavor and the perfect texture for such a treat.

Finally, we ended the Honey Cookie tasting with the Coconut Shortbread.
I knew all along that these would be a winner in my heart ~ as I adore shortbread cookies.
My opinion was not necessarily shared unanimously.  Others felt as this flavor was a bit too coconutty – obviously not for those who have a coconut aversion.  It was also noted that this variety was a tad less moist – on the drier side.  I personally enjoy that type of texture – not TOO DRY, of course.  If it were all up to me, I’d say WINNER WINNER!

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After a few moments of palate cleansing and some giant swigs of water, our little taste buds moved along to the Honey Nut Bars.

Honey Nut
Chocolate Chocolate Chip
and Peanut Ginger Spice

This round was a bit more challenging for me.  I am in no way a fan of soft, chewy, and sticky.  These bars were more along the lines of that.  Don’t get me wrong – still quite enjoyable, but rather sticky for my little fingers.

The Honey Nut was first – Loaded with sunflower seeds and shredded coconut, these bars give the appearance of containing oats – just as a “regular” granola bar might.  The absolutely PERFECTLY SIZED bar (outstanding size for a snack to hold you over until the next meal) imparted a definite honey nut flavor.

The Chocolate Chocolate Chip bar delivered a not surprisingly similar taste and texture to the Honey Nut, simply with the addition of chocolate, and even a bit of “tang,” as one taster noted.  Delicious and satisfying nonetheless.

Finally, the Peanut Ginger Spice had us all a bit worried at first.  There is definitely a lot going on in this bar, including a bit of ginger AND turmeric.  However, with all of those different flavors, this one truly is the best.  In fact, of all seven tastes, this one took the cake.  Even the two tasters who don’t care for ginger in any way, shape, or form concurred: Peanut Ginger Spice all the way!

Wow ~ what a sweet night!

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Overall, kudos to White Buffalo Kitchen.  Mission Accomplished – creating a truly tasty concoction of sorts that sits well with us ALL.  Healthy, happy, and wholesome – both the treats and our bellies!

Thank you for the opportunity!


Chris at WB Kitchen, in all of this and with utter generosity, is offering the ultimate GIVEAWAY!
Soon and very soon, one variety box of amazing treats will arrive on the doorstep of one lucky winner!

All you need to do to ENTER:

Leave a blog comment below by Friday, May 2…and it could be you ~ healthy, happy, and wholesome!

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  1. the chocolate chip & peanut ginger are absolutely delicious! I have one for breakfast everyday 🙂 I would absolutely love to win the giveaway and know all about future products & events!

  2. Okay, I think my guy and I are finally convinced of the Paleo Way (Primal). We actually started drinking bulletproof coffee and eschewing grains. Winning a prize would sure catapult this process!

  3. Love the idea of a company producing paleo sweet treats! Anything coconut or peanut butter is a winner in my book 🙂

  4. The Peanut Ginger Spice combo sounds amazing! So glad I learned about this brand.

  5. I have tried the shortbread and they are amazing. I really want to try the others and would love to win!!

  6. Oh treats, I must say I do love a good treat. I am just starting my paleo journey and baking has been the difficult part for me to date, i’ll get it down but these would help get me thru rough spots. TY for the opportunity.

  7. These all sound delicious especially the Coconut Shortbread and the Cinnamon Raisin!

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