Perhaps there are many a Mexican vacationer or party-goer who enjoys a gorgeous shot of tequila upon morning sunrise.

It’s very possible.

The last time I was in Mexico I was neither of tequila drinking mind, nor of age…I suppose that never stopped anyone before.

In any case, someone in our house loves tequila. REALLY good tequila, that is.

Peach Pleasure Tequila Sunset-004

And there are certain nights, as the weather heats up, when an ice cold refreshing taste of Patron, mixed with brilliant orange, sunset worthy peach juice is made to bring the day to an end.

Peach Pleasure Tequila Sunset

1 oz. Patron tequila (or another excellent brand)
1 oz. peach liqueur
6 oz. peach or apricot nectar, divided
1/2 fresh peach, thinly sliced
2 Tbs. fresh tarragon leaves

Making sure the liquids are super cold, combine the tequila, liqueur, and 4 oz. of juice in a high ball. Keep cold.
Meanwhile, to make ice cubes, disperse the remaining juice into ice molds, with the peach slices and tarragon. Freeze until solid.
Top off the high ball with the fruity-herbed ice cubes.

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  1. This was excellent…I think. I remember the first half but the second is a bit fuzzy in my memory.

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