For Christmas this year, I decided to treat myself to fresh flowers.  Years ago I convinced myself that a fresh bouquet every single week on the kitchen table would become a part of regular “life” for me.  As it turns out, “life” has not yet played that card.  I’m still waiting.

For now, fresh flowers are a very special occasion.  Very special to me.


Everyone loves the smell of roses, of course.  Recognizable, refreshing and comforting all at the same time.  Peonies, on the other hand, possess a more extravagant trait – giant, bombastic, extraordinary.  The aroma of the peony is still rather delicate, but emanates more excitement.  Needless to say, peonies are some of my favorite blooms.


I love freesia as well.  Nothing replicates the peak sweet aroma of the ever so slight freesia.


I treated myself to both – and we accented with a Christmastime classic, amaryllis.  Deep garnet red amaryllis.


The peonies have utterly exploded into bursts of glorious joy!

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