Adding a splash of color to your day, whether it be through hot pink shoes, a bright yellow tee, or even a smokin’ sexy pair of purple pants, color is wildly important.

Rainbows are fun ~ and sammies certainly are too.

Turkey and avocado, of course.  And who needs bread?  Bread, schmead.


Here we go:

Rainbow Sammie

(Prepare your appetite ~ this is a carnivore’s fav) – Serves TWO

2 large bell peppers (red, orange, yellow, purple – create some COLOR on your plate)
1 lb. organic lunch meat (turkey or roast beef are really the best) – Heidi’s Hens No-Salt Turkey is my fav in the poultry, but in a bind, Applegate Farms will do
2 large avocados, perfectly ripe, and smashed
1/4 c. fresh cilantro, chopped
Amazing sea salt


Halve each bell pepper so that you end up with 4 semi-flat, seedless pieces.  Divide the lunch meat in two, to divide between the two sammies.  Smash the two ripe avocados and mix in the fresh cilantro and salt.  Assemble the sammies equally – you know the drill – you’ve made a sammie before.
Come to the table equipped with some napkins.  This is a messy one ~ but it’s oh so rainbow good!


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