I love spilling over kindness.  It truly is what makes the world go round.  Surprising an unsuspecting companion, friend, or stranger with any sort of kindness just makes everyone’s day.
I’ve been known to pay the following car’s toll, secretly pick up the tab for a lone diner’s dinner, covertly place a gift on a co-worker’s desk, send thoughtful cards in the mail, or even just show up with a hug.  Give more – get more, right?  Don’t get me wrong, though.  I don’t work to bless others for selfish reasons by any means.  It just happens to be a pleasant side effect of daily practice.
A few months ago I was dining at a community table in a local deli.  The couple sitting next to me could easily be overheard.  The two happened to be celebrating the woman’s birthday – out, away from the kids.  This special celebration dinner was nothing spectacular to the casual observer.  The two were sharing a hamburger and fries.  They were discussing the fact that finances being as tight as they were for them, it was best to skip the ordered beverages this time, and stick to the complimentary water.  My heart felt for these two, particularly the woman.  Her birthday dinner – she deserved a bit more.  I completely understood and KNOW deep inside the financial worries and fears, by the way – oh boy do I…
I promptly, yet quietly stood from my place at the table, walked to the bakery area of the deli, selected the most beautiful and ornate cupcake available, stood in line to pay, and delivered the miniature birthday cake to the couple, placing the treat right before the woman.  “Happy Birthday.  I hope your evening is blessed.”  And I walked out.


I peered through the window as I walked across the parking lot.  This woman was thrilled – tears in her eyes.

All it takes is one random act.  You can think about it – but important thing is to act on that kindness.

Did you know that it just so happens to be Random Acts of Kindness Week.  Can you believe it!  There is an organization in Denver that works solely at promoting kindness throughout the world.

At the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, we believe people should practice kindness every day, but during Random Acts of Kindness Week, we hope you will go above and beyond to make others feel special. If you’re going out to eat, pay for someone else’s meal or give the server a big tip! If you are light on money, think about volunteering your time at a local charity (and during RAK Week, make a commitment to volunteer more than once). If you don’t live near family or close friends, make an extra effort to reach out to them with a phone call or hand-written letter instead of a text or email. If you live near an animal shelter you can donate food, blankets, towels or old (clean) t-shirts. 


I discovered this non-profit several years ago.  It makes me SO HAPPY!

So, this week, it’s OUR JOB to practice kindness.  (It really is something we should all practice anyway, but this week gives us a really good excuse to kick start our kindness habits.)

And, to make it even easier, the RAK Foundation has even created a handy dandy schedule of ideas to follow.  GET TO IT!  Let’s make the world a happier place!


Monday, Feb 11—Smile at 10 strangers.

Tuesday, Feb 12—Buy something for the person in the line behind you.

Wednesday, Feb 13—Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

Thursday, Feb 14—Bring a treat to a neighbor or your co-workers.

Friday, Feb 15—Donate your time or money to a local charity.

Saturday, Feb 16—Cook a healthy meal.

Sunday, Feb 17—Let someone go in front of you in line.


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