We’re certainly not partiers.  No, we are definitely home bodies.  Going out is a rare occasion indeed.

This year, though, we “rang it in.”  Not really, we were comfortably home by 9pm, cozied up to watch a movie on the couch.  Perfect.


We did, though, venture out for an AMAZING dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in town: Blossoming Lotus.

This was a fixed New Year’s Eve menu.  It was wonderful, delicious, beautiful, scrumptious, everything you can imagine.

The presentation of the meal was incredible.  I thought about photographing the food experience, but stuck to my guns – I detest the fact that “others” continually photograph and post food photos all over the internet – ironic, I know, since I love both food and photography and I have a semi-food blog.  The folks next to us, though, couldn’t resist.  As they snapped the shots with their iPhones, they leaned over and apologized.  We laughed. I said, “I thought about doing the same, but it’s just so cliche.”  (I’m not sure if I really said THAT, but something similar did fall from my lips.)  We all laughed.  It was uttered in fun.  They joked and said they would email me the photos, since they knew I really wanted to record the beautiful moment too…


I did capture the menu, though, if only to recreate some of the deliciousness myself someday.

The food was great.  The ambiance was nice.  The evening was special.


2013 will be magical!

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