So while many of us experience the phenomenon of craving4more in ways much related to food and carnal tendencies, there are often times we find ourselves craving4more of the other things life.

love. companionship. new experiences. old experiences. nature. beauty. security. comfort.


And I had the opportunity to have it ALL this weekend.

A dreamy drive through Rocky Mountain National Park brought back memories of old experiences, but also elicited so many new memories regarding love and companionship with my honey.

And the nature and beauty of my very own background continue to astound me.

The tree changing…even into an iridescent golden orange this year, and the surrounding elk bulls and cows bugling like mad morning and night made the entire experience quite magical.

Not haunted…magical…I must stay.

A historic stay at The Stanley Hotel with a phenomenal dinner and drinks in the arms of my most loved one kept me craving4more.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to cash in on that love and companionship with my special man each and every day.


I am blessed.

You are blessed.

We are all blessed.

Remember that…and smile.

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