Fall is absolutely my FAVORITE time of year.  I love the crisp, cool air.  I love the subdued and peaceful energy of the surrounding light.  I relish in the comforting air temperature ~ short sleeves, long sleeves…shorts or long pants…it simply doesn’t matter!

The sun shines, the leaves turn, and we settle in for the season.

Given that I adore this time of year, I most certainly appreciate the farm fresh produce that ensues as well.  I’m drawn to the grounding elements of bright and bold root vegetables and tubers, dark, leafy greens, and the strength of hearty stews.  I find myself needing little inspiration in the kitchen, as I’m naturally drawn to the musings of the earth and the songs of the garden.

Seasonal Ingredients: 12 Fresh and Healthy Recipes for Fall | Marlo Thomas.

My own innovation aside, a tremendous photo gallery of autumn delight and seasonal recipes galore will hopefully whet your palate and ignite your creativity in the kitchen.


My next treat, I believe, will involve both figs and fennel.


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