It’s certainly no secret that I’m obsessed with the very nature of nut butter.
For years I’ve pleased my palate – by the very spoonful – with any and every type of all natural, fresh ground nut and seed butter I have been able to find. I’ve been particularly fascinated with the interesting flavor combinations and unique creations so rarely discovered while pursuing the aisles and surfing the interwebs to satisfy my love affair with the perfect affinity of wellness and flavor.
I’ve even taught my own class on the nature of nut and seed butters and “milk,” co-mingling with my clients to concoct the best tasting treats in town.

Or so I thought…

My taste buds were transformed most recently by the magical mystery and ancient flavors of Sesame Kingdom Mediterranean Spreads. And, they are literally “in town,” just up the road from me in my very own Denver, Colorado.

Oh my, oh my.

I am entranced by the smooth beauty and luscious lingering impression of this superfood spread.

Here at Sesame Kingdom we have traveled across the Mediterranean and spent endless hours in the kitchen, all to find the most exciting flavors that will send your taste buds in a whirl to nirvana. We have taken a spin on ancient recipes, mixed ingredients like never before, and created a cultural symphony of flavors for you to enjoy.

Our products are plant based, Paleo and free of preservatives, gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and nuts.

We source our ingredients with an incurable obsession for quality and flavor. The base of our Mediterranean spreads is sesame seeds that grow in the Humera region in Ethiopia, which is known to produce the world’s finest and sweetest sesame seeds.

The seeds are mixed with naturally energizing Mediterranean dried fruits and milled for hours using ancient traditional methods of stone grinding, until they reach a silky texture that melts in your mouth.

Spread them on breads and your kids sandwiches, use as dips or a nutritious topping on roasted vegetables, cheese, oatmeal, pancakes, French Toast, smoothies, or ice cream. Our products are made fresh in small batches.

One bite and you will come back for more!

I really couldn’t just stop at one bite, or in my case, one spoonful.
I continued to taste, smell, saturate my soul, and contemplate the creativity of Sesame Kingdom’s creation until my heart felt content…many mouthfuls later.

I’ve actually never really enjoyed sesame tahini on its own. Sure, it can be most useful as a base for sweet cookies or savory salad dressings ~ however, my sensitive palate always seems to sense the unique bitter quality so significant to sesame butter.
Perhaps it is the slow, stone ground process used to preserve the nutrients used by Sesame Kingdom, or maybe it is the fact that the spreads are made with the world’s finest sesame seeds from Humera in Ethiopia. OR, maybe it is simply the pure enchantment of Fig with Cardamom, Mighty Date, or Pomegranate magic that lured me in…

Whatever it is ~ the spreads are romantically ravishing.

I began with the Fig with Cardamom variety.
I could certainly sense the honey**, and quite a bit of the fig. The cardamom, though, slipped into my senses in a smoothly subtle manner. A hint of surprise, but also enough aroma on the back of the tongue for recognition. It was lovely. And, rather velvety. Can you even imagine?

My next test was the Mighty Date. This variety happened to be my favorite. The taste of honey is strong – and the rich sweetness of date has more of a personal appeal for me. I believe that the dates, exquisitely mixed with the stone ground seeds and just enough olive oil made for pleasing perfection on my tongue. For the Mighty Date, I went back for more, over and and over again.

My third and final taste test appeared in the form of the Pomegranate flavor. I was expecting a little bit more of a kick – maybe some tang – but didn’t receive the mouthwatering goodness in such a way. The dried fruit flavor was, again, subdued, but also quite clever. I knew I was in the midst of the botanical punch, but actually couldn’t quite place it. I kind of like that crafty quality. Devious…in a way…but in a good way.

In fact, the “way” was so superior, in my opinion, I decided to whip up a recipe with the Pomegranate spread right then and there.

Genius, I know.

Actually, Sesame Kingdom suggests the spreads be used as a topping for breads, slathered between slices for sandwiches, or drizzled over cheeses, desserts, pancakes, French Toast, ice cream, or even added to smoothies. While each suggestion sounds completely and decadently amazing, I opted for something a bit more savory. I drizzled my Pomegranate splendor over fresh, homemade noodles.

And then I went back for more.

Exceptionally done, Sesame Kingdom. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this new found treat in my life.


**UPDATE: Sesame Kingdom has eliminated the honey in their spreads and now uses organic dates as a sweetener in all the varieties. Dates have amazing nutritious properties and are also diabetic friendly.

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