My Life has been, is, and always will be a bounty of blessings.  I close my eyes and breathe in the cornucopia of grace presented before me each and every day.  In silence, in my quiet moments, I breathe it, I feel it, I know it.

My Life is a Gift.

The hustle and bustle of Life, though: events, tasks, changes, – noise – has a tendency to echo above the supreme and very much sublime silence the other side of Life has to offer.  The peace and thanksgiving drowns amid the bubbles of excitement.

When we sit in silence, we see Life for what it truly is…

…and the benefits abound…

 “In silence, we can hear our soul speak.”

As I enter into a new season in this Life, I make the choice to retreat into a period of ‘blogosphere’ silence.  Less noise.  Less words.  Less photos.

Because, Silence is Golden.

~ See you on the other side ~


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