As I sometimes feel lost in the whirlwind of life, entirely too busy with my own thoughts and worries to entertain or receive support and friendship, I am finding myself both embracing and snuggling into the arms of the friends around me this time.  In fact, these days (this weekend to be exact), the encouragement and kindness of new friendships fostered felt overwhelmingly good – WOW.  My heart feels different.  I realize that I am supported, there are people there, and I can allow them in.

Thank you.

One of my biggest cheerleaders, and an amazingly positive influence in my life, is my friend Alisa from PaleoinPdx.  She offers such inspiration and such a generous heart, and I’m so glad to be fostering a relationship with her.  And, even better, she influenced me to thaw out the grass-fed roast that’s been sitting in my freezer for so long and prepare it for “slow roastin.”

I’m rather new to the slow-cooking of meat.  In years past, I’ve used the crock pot for things like beans and split pea soup.  I realize that the smell after a long day’s work is supposed to be enticing and wonderfully engaging.  However, I’ve made the mistake of prepping the beans in the cooker overnight . While spiced beans may smell wonderful on a winter evening, walking in from the cold, I must say that the aroma is NOT welcome at 5am, waking up in the summer.  In fact, it’s rather nauseating.

The roast smelled great, for sure.  But, being that it was my first time, some improvements do need to be made.  It was a little dry this time.  Once I have it perfected, there’s no doubt I’ll be sharing the details.

For now, the photo serves to “whet the appetite” for more.


P.S.  I’m SUPER excited to report that I’m learning to use both Twitter and Instagram more regularly.  You can follow me on both networks @thecraving4more.  Lot’s o’ photos and fun!

4 thoughts on “Slow Roastin’

  1. Aw, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m very touched and am happy to be making an impact. Cheers to friends, new relationships and a happy heart!

    With the roast, did you brown in first on the stove? This helps lock in the juices and add flavor. It’s possible that maybe it just overcooked as well. I guess you’ll have to try again!

    1. I did brown it – my slow cooker has a “pre-saute” setting, so I did it in there. I don’t think it was overdone, though, because it was still pretty red inside – the way I like it. It may have been the cut of meat and the fact that I “dry sauteed.” I should have used my beef tallow 🙂

      Ashley Kipp

      1. Sounds like you have a fancy slow cooker! Mine is just the standard, with low, high, and warm settings. Yes, use that beef tallow 😉

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