Apparently I’m not the only one who forms a grin simply at the sight of an alpaca.  Honestly, just looking at these creatures, I can see that they are clearly smirking right at me, which causes me to rumble a chuckle right back.


Not only is the mere sight of these furry creatures the cause for a smile, with their kind and inviting goofy looks – the lips and the eyes are what get me, and maybe the cute, tufted rear end – but images of chasing these creatures through the meadow with the caption, “Llamas on the Loose” consistently reels through my mind.  I both roll my eyes and secretly laugh inside each time I hear the fantastical account of my husband’s vacation run being interrupted by escaped and wandering llamas in southwestern Colorado.

I think I also have a bit of a tendency to laugh  aloud as I hear in my head Napoleon Dynamite’s dialogue directed at his less than beloved llama, Tina, hurling leftover casserole over the chain link fence…somewhere in Idaho.

I’m so glad to see that Rojo and Napoleon (the alpaca, not the distressed teen), “the hairy ambassadors,” are spreading both smiles and cheer daily right here in Portland.  This is amazing.


Rojo The Therapy Llama And Napoleon The Therapy Alpaca Spread Cheer In Portland (PHOTOS, VIDEO).

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