As a psychology major in college and an individual who is highly interested in research and analytical studies, I am no stranger to the fact that we, as human beings, are innately attracted to “The Fertile Myrtle” – meaning, we are subconsciously drawn and attracted to those who can most successfully produce healthy offspring.  We can’t help it – it’s human nature.
Typically, women are drawn to healthy and strong men, many times a little bit older and more established, with FINANCIAL SECURITY.  This ensures (or seems to indicate) both healthy fertility and stability for family life.  While ultra ripped men on the cover of the latest magazine may serve as great eye candy in modern American society, the truth of the matter is, those men that we really want, are much more real.  They are the “family man.”
Men exhibit a similar attraction.  No ladies, the photoshopped lady with rock-hard abs and ultra toned triceps on the cover of Women’s Fitness really isn’t what your guy wants.  He wants health.  What does that mean?  Healthy means a little squishy around the edges.  Real.  Fertile.  Yes, it’s true.

And, healthy also means happy.  The healthier you are physically (not adrenally burned out from slaving away at the gym, eating too little, and neglecting personal care and meditation), the more you glow – from the inside out.

Guess what burns everyone out both physically and psychologically/emotionally?
STRESS.  It shows.

It’s a no-go.


Stress Decreases Attractiveness In Women’s Faces, Study Finds.

If this is not enough proof – lend an ear to Jason Seib, Sarah Fragoso, and Jim Laird in this Everyday Paleo podcast focusing on stress and meditation.  Be good to yourself.

Let’s go take some quiet time.

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