As I’m developing my palate in preference to olives, I’m beginning to enjoy bacon just that much more as well.  I know, all of you are just thrilled to pieces at the notion.  Ashley eats bacon.
Crisp, delicate bites of pork perfection on a lazy Sunday morning are certainly what make so many people smile.

I feel rather ridiculous claiming this to be a recipe ~ there’s really no recipe involved at all.
It’s all very simple: bacon, kale, and a little salt.

photo 3

The important part, though, is the quality of the three items.  Pastured, organic pork bacon (made using honey rather than processed sugar), organic lacinato kale, and real sea salt.


Sizzle those strips of bacon to your preference.  Save the oh so prized pastured lard that remains, and use it to tenderize and “flavorize” the fresh kale.  Top with coarsely grated salt – and…
Sunday Morning Bacon bliss.

photo 2

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Bacon

  1. I am SO proud of you, Ashley! You’ve come a long way, my friend and I’m glad you’re able to enjoy and appreciate bacon now. That Organic Prairie bacon is delicious too! There’s a New Seasons opening down the street from me tomorrow on N. Williams, so I’ll be able to get it more readily now! So excited! I like all your pictures too 🙂

    1. Awesome!! I had to order it at the Natural Grocers here. So far they’ve been keeping it in stock. I hope it’s not just me making the purchases.

  2. Oh my goodnessss!!! Why did I have to see this post right now? Sitting here in our new place wondering what to tackle next but HUNGRY… almost dinner time and no idea what we will eat tonight, need to go get some supplies but now all I can think about is bacon and kale 😉

  3. This looks delish! I’m proud of you — you’re branching out!

    Hugs, Tina

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