I like to start out my day with a power boost of protein. Good protein.

It makes me feel better, think better, and just “be” better, I suppose.

Years ago I enjoyed a hearty bowl of Mom’s homemade granola and yogurt. While the sweet crunch satisfies my need for a healthy “bite out of life,” and delivers the ultimate in chewing satisfaction, I find that these days my palate tends towards mostly savory in the morning.

I save my sweet tooth for after dark!

Warmth is important too. Even in the hot days of summer, there really is just something about a warm meal to start the day.

Thus, warm protein, packed with power and a bit of sunshine goodness creates the perfect presentation…

Sunshine Power Scramble

Serves 1

2/3 cup dry curd cottage cheeseĀ 
1 pastured egg
2 tsp. Kerrygold salted butter
Raw honey

Whisk together the dry curd cottage cheese and egg. (I suppose cultured cottage cheese would deliver a similar effect, yet I’ve been finding that even with the tremendous cultures in Nancy’s, I simply digest the dry curds much more easily).
Melt the salted Kerrygold in a small skillet over medium heat. Add the curds and eggs and scramble, stirring frequently.
Transfer to a serving bowl and drizzle with honey.


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