With a series of technical difficulties, this message was not delivered to many, many faithful readers.
Thus, I am creating a re-post of November 27, 2013.
Read and be fulfilled.
In an effort of complete and utter transparency, I will admit that the last year of my life has been more than a challenge.  I’ve found myself forced to face feelings I’ve never before wanted to admit stood before me.  Pushing them away was no longer an option and inviting them into the forefront of my life has been incredibly painful.
The pain has been rather overwhelming, at times, and downright disheartening.  Hopeless.  Sad.  Fearful.  Regretful.  Unheard.  Unwanted.  Unloved.
Alas, I’ve had an epiphany.
The journey of enlightenment has been long and slow.
It’s been work.
Sometimes when things are moving either too slowly or too quickly, we tend to miss the details entirely – we are unable to see the forest for the trees.
This time, though, not so.
November 9.
Step 1.
I saw it.  I heard it.
November 10.
Another glimpse.
November 11.
November 12.  11-12-13.  “We are on the way up!”  We are on the way out…
November 13.  MAGIC.
It happened.
November 15.
I realized how amazingly blessed I am.  Joyfully blessed.
I am surrounded by the most astonishing and wonderful people in my life.  Supportive.  Thoughtful.  Loving.  Kind.  AMAZING.
I am surrounded by God’s beauty each and every day.
How great is my life?
It’s the GREATIST.  Beyond comparison.
I’m loving every moment of it – I’m choosing to love every moment of it.
Acceptance.  Radical acceptance.
Imperfection.  Beautifully perfect imperfection.
I’ve chosen to surround myself with these positive people and these encouraging thoughts.
I’ve chosen a new perspective: to WAKE up, open my eyes, and view each and every old experience as a new and beautiful adventure.
I’m smiling so ~ my cheeks begin to ache.
Thank you.  Thank you.  THANK YOU.
November 22.
Even better.
This is REAL LIFE.  It simply does not get any better than this.

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