We are actually born smiling.  Deep inside our mother’s womb, we float in peaceful bliss, donning a grin from ear to ear.  We even smile in our sleep.

Smiles signify joy and satisfaction in life.
The simple act of smiling actually does make us feel better.  AND, it’s evolutionarily contagious.  Just face it, it’s pretty darn difficult to frown at someone as they peer across the way with a smile in their eyes and a plastered smirk across their lips.  Goofy, friendly, sincere, passionate, proud and heartwarming.  All types of smiles look and feel good.

Smiles make us more attractive, appear more friendly, more likable, and even more competent.  How about that?

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Smiling reduces the stress enhancing hormones.  Of course it does!

In fact, not even chocolate or bacon can match the brain stimulation of elation created by the crack of just one little twinkling grin.  Researchers have discovered that it would take up to 2,000 chocolate bars or $25,000 to create the satisfaction of simply turning up the corners of the mouth ONCE in a day.
Seems to me like smiling would be a whole lot easier on the waistline, definitely cheaper, and so much easier…

The average individual smiles about 20 times each day.  Really?

Children, though, have SUPER POWERS.  They are our super heroes in life.  Little kiddos average up to 400 smiles and little giggles each day. (One of my very favorite sounds on earth, by the way, is the sound of babies giggling.  I cannot – you cannot – no one can – resist beaming inside at the utter vibration of happy children).  You must LISTEN.

Ron Gutman went to great lengths to explain all of these fascinations in a March 2011 TED Talk.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9cGdRNMdQQ?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

His delivery has also been cited in Forbes Magazine, as he remains the CFO of HealthTap in Silicon Valley.

Numerous other studies reference the studies showing that happiness really can and does begin with a simple smile.  The Power of a Smile – How Smiling Can Change Your Life and Change the World.

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Without conducting any formal research myself, I’ve always known, witnessed, and truly felt the supernatural power of a smile.  It changes my day.  It changes your day.  In every way.
I used to entertain myself as I was out and about, playing “The Smile Game.”  Perhaps slightly juvenile, the outcome of the day ahead always, always resulted in a state of bliss.  My goal was (and still is most days) to create a stunning grin on the face of all whom I encounter.  Some folks are harder than others – but even so – the task at hand is pretty great.  Fantastic.  Amazing.  Fabulous.

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So, the research is there – but more than that – we know the truth deep in our souls.

Live long.  Live happy.  SMILE.


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