I’m tired.  It’s now dark.  I’m HUNGRY!

You know that story, the drill after a long day’s work.

For days such as these (and it seems that they are becoming more common than not ~ particularly the “it’s dark” part ~ fall is here), I like simplicity.

Leftovers.  A mishmash of leftovers will do.

Dagwood made his ginormous sandwiches when Blondie was out of the kitchen.  My Grandma Rose and I used to do this together on occasion when it was just the two of us for a little weekend retreat.

These days, for just me, it’s not a sandwich with any and all the fixings from the fridge, but pretty much everything else – “the kitchen sink.”  Oh, and kale chips too!

photo 3

This evening’s Kitchen Sink collection:
Kabocha squash
Spaghetti squash
1 whole avocado
1/2 heirloom tomato
Sprouted almonds
Sprouted spirulina spicy sunflower seeds
Grilled chicken
Super duper yummy Himalayan salt

Remember, this is The Kitchen Sink.  This is a big bowl.  This is the real deal.

photo 2

Savor it all.  There’s nothing like it.

photo 1

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  1. Kewl C4M post today!

    Karl was suddenly scheduled for a business trip in California tomorrow through Thursday night. Is it okay if you and I meet this Friday at 5:30PM instead?

    Best Regards, Amy

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