Reflection, prayer, and meditation are magical.  We often resist the quiet time with the Light in our lives, but time spent in this space is truly transformational.  My own experience of late has created a whole new world ~ a world of REAL life.  I came from a place of confusion and often hopelessness to a place I can now call home.


Meditation cracked me open to my own self-healing capacity and my path of self-knowledge. Remembering who we really are is our purpose and the journey we came here for. Within the non-physical realm where I could connect, I began learning about who I really was – I saw that everyone in my life was love, and the entire planet was love. The idea of separation dissolved and I felt oneness, where all duality released. I came home.

How Meditation Brought Me Deep & Lasting Happiness.

How could I have waited so long?

What are you waiting for?

The time is now. We must all take responsibility to discover our truth and bring the beauty of it out into the world. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The time IS now.

3 thoughts on “The Time is NOW

  1. Thanks for the great post! It’s amazing that when i pray and meditate it automatically brings me to the now. That’s where the magic happens 🙂

  2. This is thought-provoking and timely for me. I’m working to sidle past some of my many fear-based excuses. You’ve always been good for giving me that little shove in the necessary direction.

    I had the left knee replaced last week. Recovery seems to be moving at a different pace from the right; better in most ways, tougher in others.

    I think of you often, but my poor loopy brain cells don’t seem capable of making much effort to let you (or anyone, for that matter) know.

    Hugs, Tina

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