What if we allowed ourselves to be everything we were created to be?

What if we were free from fear?

What if we forgave ourselves?

What if we were as kind to ourselves as we are to our loved ones?

What if we truly believed?

What if LOVE was our only reality?

What if we knew no boundaries?

What if we stopped dreaming and started acting?

What if we laughed more and worried less?

What if we employed patience rather than pessimism?

What if we dismissed self doubt?

What if we were given a second chance at life?
We were.  We have been.  We can.


Everyday is a new day, a second chance, a clean slate.  We have the gift of free will and of choice.
We can choose to live an abundant life.  We can choose to go a different way.

“It’s only what you believe and therefore CHOOSE to do next that will bring about a life change.”

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  1. Great food for thought…and to really take to heart! I’ve copied it as my new screen saver 🙂 Thanks for the uplifting reminders Ashley.

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