“What we think, we become.”

“Our habits become our character which becomes our destiny.”

I am honored to be able to share a post from Lea at Paleo Spirit regarding our lives, our choices, and our decisions to be Happy, Healthy, and Free.

The outcome of our lives is a result of true effort on our part.  We must work at it ~ changing our thoughts and changing our habits and patterns so that we may become who we were truly meant to be.

“What we think, we become.”

It was my honor and privilege to be one of the speakers at a Ladies Day event yesterday hosted by the Bridgewater Church of Christ (at Garretson Rd) . The theme of the event was “Do You Know Who I Am?” and my topic was “Happy, Healthy and Free”. This is a subject very near and dear to my heart because I am very passionate about health and fitness for the WHOLE person Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

The starting point for my talk was the Bible verse Luke 2:52

Jesus grew in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and Man.

That verse encapsulates the entire 18 year period of Jesus’ growth from age 12 to the beginning of his ministry at the age of 30. It tells us that He grew mentally, physically, spiritually and socially. And I propose that we too need to focus on growing in these areas of our lives in order to be well-rounded individuals. I proposed how, instead of Happy, Healthy and Free, we are often Sick, Stressed and Depressed. This is something with which I am familiar because I have been all three of those things at certain points in my life. I shared some of what I have learned about the Mind-Body connection and how our bodies respond to stress. And lest anyone think that focusing on our own health is somehow self-indulgent, I argued that we NEED to work at our health in order to become more pleasing and useful to God.

What we think, we become. And just as the Lao Tzu quote expresses, our habits become our character which becomes our destiny. With that in mind, and through my own experiences, I have come up with Ten Healthy Habits for the Well-Rounded Person:

  1. Eat
  2. Move
  3. Sleep
  4. Play
  5. Learn
  6. Focus
  7. Avoid
  8. Retreat
  9. Pray
  10. Love

Lea’s list of ten simple habits are absolutely they key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  The key now, is to make the decision to incorporate them in to our lives.  It takes work.  It takes effort.  It’s not easy.  But, it’s sure worth it.

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