On the extremely rare occasion that I meet an individual who exudes so much self-confidence so to appear completely unaware of the reality of their surroundings and of life in general, I find myself utterly amazed, if not flabbergasted.  How can someone feel that good about every aspect of themselves – to truly believe and truly know that they are the best, the very best, no matter what.  Sure, self-confidence and self-love are wonderfully important and vital for peace and health on a daily basis, but the sort of self-boasting that lacks vanity and conceit, but wafts of all the best, is pretty darn scarce.  I continue to wonder, what would that be like?


Just as the rest of the world does (minus the few exceptional human beings marveled above), I struggle with self-doubt from time to time.  Yet, my drive and hunger or craving for more in life, pulls me through – I tend to snap out of it and put the next foot in front of the other fairly swiftly.  Regardless, of my prompt recoveries, I am convicted to remind myself of these points – these Six Questions You/I Need to Stop Asking:
1.  Why Don’t They Like Me? – how many people DO like you?
2.  What Will They Think? – who cares – it’s certainly none of your business.
3.  What’s Missing? – what’s NOT missing?
4.  What If I’m Not Good Enough? – good enough for who or what, by the way????
5.  How Can I Possibly Move On? – you really have no choice – LIFE goes on.
6.  Why Me? – my note from The Universe answered this question so succinctly last week: “Because I love you THAT much.”


What a great read – a great reminder – even on a daily basis – what a “Practical Tips for Productive Living.”

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