I asked Valerie what Pernod liqueur was – what it tasted like and why she had it, as I raided her liquor cabinet for both baking and mixology inspiration. (She awfully generous to me in that way – or allowance).

She told me it was for her Wilted Spinach Salad.

Oh boy do I wish I had been around to taste that salad.

You see I love spinach greens and I love salad, of course – who are we kidding – but I do prefer a bit of wilt to my spinach to eliminate the squeaky clean strange feeling the delicate leaves form on my teeth. You know what I mean?

Anyway, you’ll forget all those sensation and will tunnel your focus totally upon the tantalizing taste of this salad and how it will schmooze and satisfy your salubrious and gluttonous sensations all at once.


Thanks, honey, for introducing me to this new favorite salad. It truly IS a favorite.

Find the full story and recipe for My Kitchen Coop’s Wilted Spinach Salad HERE.

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