Some people just have a certain smell – a good smell – it’s their smell.  I recognize certain people by their smell.  It’s simply part of who they are.

You can’t smell your own smell, by the way.  I wonder what mine is…


I grew with another family who had an amazing smell.  It was comforting, familiar, and wonderful all bundled together.  Having spent so many important holidays and events with these friends (and their smell), I associate the olfactory memory with love and warm-heartedness, and lots of laughter.


A few months ago I discovered a new line of soap: You Smell.  The scent Divine was THE smell.  Love, warm-heartedness and laughter.  Memories.


This is how You Smell describes the scent:


Our Divine scent captures the essence of angelic visions. You’ll wonder if you can smell the sunlight as it surrounds you with a white shimmering warmth. Its soft serenity and delicate blend of warm scents are matched with a radiant sense of pure cleanliness. Much more complex than the average fresh scent, your senses will be intrigued.

The First Impression

The Essence of Freshness

The Heart

Vanilla & Soft White Peonies

The Lasting

Clean, Rich White Musk & Smokey Sandalwood




I had contact with this family earlier in the week.  It’s been years since I’ve seen them, as lives change and people move away.  I sent a Christmas Blessing and a Birthday Wish via email.  Later that morning I received a blank email.  The subject line read: I love you, Ashley :-).


Thank you, Nancy.  I so love you too.

And, you smell…Divine.


Soak up someone else’s smell.  Share your love.

People are amazing.


2 thoughts on “You Smell…Divine

  1. I like the thought of smelling sunlight … on a bed of wild grasses surrounded by coastal mint sage, that would please my smeller … thanks for the concept!

    1. I love you call it your smeller. I often refer to my nose as my sniffer! I have a highly sensitive and tuned sniffer.

      Ashley Kipp

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