Cupcakes used to be a really big deal.  Beyond a little carry-along treat that may have accompanied a school child for a shared birthday celebration in the classroom, the little “fairy tale” cake rose to the top of the ranking foodie trends nationwide.  Cupcake shops popped up all over the place – “Baby Cakes” in NYC and “Cupcake Jones” here in PDX have been some of the most well-known.  The cupcake bakers became super duper creative in their sophisticated concotions.  Samoa Cookie Swirl is one that I adored to view at our local sweet shop.  (Samoas were my favorite Girl Scout cookie, once upon a time).  Not only have the flavor varieties of these little gems proved to be fab – but they simple are gorgeous.  So gorgeous, in fact, that around 2009 or 2010, the “cupcake wedding cake” became one of the most popular forms of matrimonial sweet celebration!
This cupcake fad is long gone, though.  2013 brought with it the arrival of the delicate macaron.  (These are definitely NOT to be confused with the casual coconut almond macaroon, by the way.  Macarons are much more elegant, apparently).


Although this cupcake trend may seem rather passé to the high society folks, I see no reason not to enjoy A Couple of Cupcakes.

Sweet, Light, Pillowy, Divine.

Using only coconut flour, eggs, and honey – with my own little secret spices – make for a “friendly” and “safe” little treat.

Cardamom Cupcakes with a Whipped Coconut Lemon Mousse will melt in your mouth…



Vanilla Chai Cuppycakes with a Rich Vanilla Almond Frost – mmmm…


Simply Sweet Honey Cakes glazed with Rich Chocolate Ganache, oh my…


A Couple of Cupcakes today, I’d say.


If you’re just dying to make these at home, let me know and I’ll post the recipes, or at least send them your way.

**After that first macaron photo by Alicia Carlson, I must say, I’m feeling a little sheepish about the cupcake photos from my little phone.  I promise…wih all my heart, though…that these little sweetie pie treats were amazingly gorgeous for only the few short minutes they survived before most delicately devoured.  As a result of my poor photo skills this time around, I am providing full photo credit to these talented artists:
Thank you, Cupcake Garden for the Vanilla Chai Cupcakes photo and, of course, Lauren at Empowered Sustenance for your amazing photo and Cardamom Cupcake recipe!  Finally, thank you, Amber Lee Hays photography for your sweet little chocolate frosted bite photo.

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